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If you have a Poly B story, we would love to hear it! Please write your story in the comment section below. We are working to create awareness about Poly B as an on going issue for home owners across Canada and you sharing your story will help other readers better understand the process of dealing with a Poly B issue. Thank you for sharing.


  1. My wife and I bought what we were hoping to be our dream home. The previous owner did not disclose the fact that the house had the Poly B waterlines in it and had the basement finished. Shortly after moving in we had our first leak of which would be one of several now since buying the home in July,1,2002. I’ve had to replace both manifolds as they were made of plastic fittings glued together, so I put in proper copper ones with pex to Poly B. The leaks have been both the plastic fittings and pin holes in the Poly B pipe. Have been lucky in most cases, but there have been a few now that have caused drywall damage and I know this is not the end of this problem. I’m disabled from a work accident and will be forced to sell at a lost or pay a professional to do the work at great cost. What gets me is that our government knew this was a product that would have problems with it, but yet it approved it for use and now us Canadian home owner’s are being passed over because of big business. Shame on them, as elected officials to look out for us common folk they have surely greased their pockets, we the people now will have to endure hardship and cost to fix something they should have not been allowed to approve especially since there was internal memos both within the companies and the government knowing the down fall in these products.

  2. We have had 2 poly B related leaks in our Calgary home that would have done huge damage if we were not home at the time. The first was beneath our kitchen along a straight section of pipe that developed a pinhole leak that filled the finished basement ceiling (drywall) with so much water that it collapsed a 10 foot section of ceiling and drained onto the basement carpet below. At that point I replaced all easily accessible polyB on the mainfloor and basement leaving only the plumbing lines going up to the second floor thinking… “what are the chances of having another leak”. Two years later, and it happened again, this time above the main floor shower (below the master bathroom upstairs). Luckily we were home again when my son mentioned he saw water pouring out of the wall. Enough was enough. We ended up tearing out all three bathrooms (2 upstairs and the one on the main floor) at considerable expense and replaced the remaining Poly B. Good riddance!

    Ask any plumber in Calgary and they will tell you that PolyB leaks are a constant source of work for them.

  3. Hey Joe thanks for taking the time to share your story. Poly B can be a nightmare to people who aren’t aware of what it can do to a home. That is why we built this information resource to educate people on Poly B because with the amount of homes infected the problem will be here for years.

  4. Help…. Yesterday I had a leak in my 3/4 polybutylene pipe. I went to Home Depot and broight a 3/4 CPVC coup and CPVC glue and and cut out the bad Poly Pipe and but in the CPVC coup and glue it. I waited 1-hour and turn the water back on so far it’s holding. Does anyone see any issues with this?

  5. First poly b leak in a 2000 built Riverbend home in Edmonton. Mid line rupture, pin hole leak. Lost part of the ceiling in basement. Just now looking at taking all of it out of this massive 2 story home with 4 bathrooms. It’s a huge cost, 20 thousand to be exact. When looking at homes in this area don’t believe anything a realtor or house inspector says about it looking fine. I knew about it, took a gamble and lost. From what i’ve researched, all these homes built around that time are going to start leaking.

  6. Hey Robert, it all starts with a pin hole… Then it goes down hill from there.

    We are here to help, we specialize in polybutylene replacement and can take care of everything from the plumbing right through the drywall and texture stage.

    Urban piping Ltd

  7. We purchased a home in Calgary, complete with Poly B, in 2003. One warm August day in 2011 the Poly B burst, in the middle of our dining room ceiling! It took a few minutes to get the water shut off and then we began bailing. Our large main floor had contiguous ceilings and hardwood floor throughout the house; both ceilings and hardwood had to be refinished. All of our furniture was stored in a big metal box on the driveway for months while the work was done. It cost us several thousand dollars to replace the Poly B with PEX, which was a prudent move. We would never purchase a home with Poly B! We can’t even imagine what would have happened had we not–luckily–been home when the deluge began. It’s not a matter of “if”; it is a matter of “when”.

  8. I have a cottage on a well, built in 1988. Water tests have always been excellent. Recently, water tests taken from house have both coliform and e-coli but readings from outside tap are 0-0. Can poly-B mold cause this?

  9. We just purchased our home in Kelowna BC and the house has POLY B, I was well aware of this and am now in the process of removing all Poly B and replacing it with PEX. The poly B is connected with copper fittings and also is fed from copper manifolds. Ideally I want to go straight from the manifold with the PEX but it doesn’t fit the poly B copper manifold nipples :/ so now I have to use those ‘adapters’ and leave a 4” stub off each nipple. Surely there must be a better way to do this without having to replace the entire manifold? Please advise!! I’ve google the hell out of this!

  10. Hello Tim,

    I would suggest just installing a new manifold system that is designed for pex piping and has built in shut off valves.

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