Poly B Lawsuits (Class Action) and Settlement Info

Posted: January 28, 2014

The Siskinds Law Firm  is working in an effort to get compensation for Calgary and Canada home-owners of which poly b piping has been installed as a plumbing and/or heating system. The problem with the use of this piping system is that it leaks and causes damages to people homes.

The Siskinds Law Firm in 2010 launched 3 lawsuits against companies naming Shell Oil, E.I. Dupont, and Hoescht Celanese Corporation. These are the companies that are responsible for the defective plumbing and heating system.


You are a member of the settlement class if you are a past or present owner of a home or building in which a Poly B Plumbing System, a Poly B Yard Service Line, or a Poly B Hot Water Heating System with either plastic or metal fittings.

Under the terms of the Shell Settlement, they are to provide $20 million in compensation to members of the settlement class. A point system has been developed in which members are subject to maximum compensation limits.

“For a complete description of the points system and maximum dollar limits on claims, a copy of the Shell Settlement Agreement are posted at www.polypipes.ca or by calling the Claims Administrator at 1-866-348-0333.”

-Information Retrieved from: http://www.classaction.ca/actions/Products-Liability/Current-Actions/Polybutylene-Pipe-fr.aspx

In order to make a claim however, the claimant must have submitted their claim prior to 2006 so if you are reading this now you will not be eligible for the reimbursement and will have to incur the costs yourself.

See more information here: Signed Settlement Agreement (Shell)

If you are in need of assistance with a poly b leak or poly b replacement assistance please contact the experts at Urban Piping in Calgary, AB @ 403.988.3801.


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