Will Home Insurance Cover Poly B Re-mediation Costs?

This can be a tricky subject. There are many insurance companies that may offer a higher plan for homes with Poly B piping but in our experience most insurance companies will simply not cover the costs at all and they will also not cover the damages in case of an incident. Because Poly B issues have been through so many lawsuits and there has already been a 20 million dollar payout to people unfortunately dealing with the issue, the fund has run out and now people must pay at their own expense.  Some insurance companies may even refuse to renew your policy in the case of Poly B piping being found throughout your home. In certain cases, the deductible is so high that replacing your piping system is a cheaper expense. Please keep in mind that some of these issues can come to light and be triggered through fire claims or weather damages. We highly recommend checking your home for Poly B piping and if you find it in your home, check you home insurance policy to see what it states about Poly B plumbing.

What is Poly B (Polybutylene)? – Get more information about Poly B piping.



Will Filing a Lawsuit or Claim Cover the Costs of Poly B Re-mediation?

In Canada and Calgary AB, trying to get reimbursement through a lawsuit or through insurance is no longer an option. This may be a new issue to you as a home owner but the reimbursements for a complete Poly B replacement system was only available if your system was replaced by 2005 or within 15 years of it being installed. The reimbursement for the complete system was only 25% of the system and 25% of any damages that had been caused. On top of this you had to meet several other requirements. As of now, getting reimbursement for a replacement system or for any damages caused is far from expected. The safest action that anyone can do is to have the system replaced before the pipes begin leaking as a preventative measure.

See our “Choosing a Poly B Contractor” page so you have all of the information and insight you need when looking for a Poly B Re-mediation company.

Poly B Legal Information Retrieved From Siskinds Law Firm 2014

The Siskinds Law Firm  is working in an effort to get compensation for Calgary and Canada home-owners of which Poly B piping has been installed as a plumbing and/or heating system. The problem with the use of this piping system is that it leaks and causes damages to people homes. Visit our “Problems with Poly B Piping” page for information on why this pipe has been discontinued.

The Siskinds Law Firm in 2010 launched 3 lawsuits against companies naming Shell Oil, E.I. Dupont, and Hoescht Celanese Corporation. These are the companies that are responsible for implementing the defective plumbing and heating system.


You are a member of the settlement class if you are a past or present owner of a home or building in which a Poly B Plumbing System, a Poly B Yard Service Line, or a Poly B Hot Water Heating System with either plastic or metal fittings.

Under the terms of the Shell Settlement, they had to provide $20 million in compensation to members of the settlement class. A point system has been developed in which members are subject to maximum compensation limits. If you are just reading this now you might be out of luck as the settlement has already been disbursed and now home owners may be required to cover the costs of their own Poly B Re-mediation.

“For a complete description of the points system and maximum dollar limits on claims, a copy of the Shell Settlement Agreement are posted at www.polypipes.ca or by calling the Claims Administrator at 1-866-348-0333.”

-Information Retrieved from: http://www.classaction.ca/actions/Products-Liability/Current-Actions/Polybutylene-Pipe-fr.aspx

See more information here: Signed Settlement Agreement (Shell)

If you are in need of assistance with a Poly B leak or re-mediation work, we recommend contacting Urban Piping Ltd. Urban Piping has an experienced Poly B Re-mediation division serving the public and taking care of cases where a claim or reimbursement is not an option. They service Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding area and deal with every Poly B piping issue commercial or residential.


  1. We purchased a home built in 1989 and now there seems to be all of a sudden issues about the Poly B plumbing which we knew nothing about. so far no leaks, but are being approached by many different firms to replace all our plumbing. This is something we can not afford to do at this time, have heard that some Insurance Companies will not cover, but we were not asked when we insured this home.

  2. Hi. Barbara T. I read your post on 3/2/2014. I was just wondering if you were able to find any assistance for your problem. I’am asking on behalf of a elderly friend who got a letter from her insurance co. telling her they were dropping her coverage do to poly-b piping.she’s on a fixed income and like many other’s just can’t afford a pipe replacement. Any info you met have would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS BRUCE B.

  3. We’ve been on our home for 28-30 years. It was built in 1987 and have been dealing with pipes and fittings bursting left and right the post two years, causing substantial wall and floor damage. We didn’t know anything about the Poly B piping issues until they began two years ago. My husband is disabled and we’ve been ready struggling financially due to job loss because of his medical issues and have only applied three months ago (when he lost his job) for SSDI and are told that it can take up to two years until he receives any income. Is there ANYTHING we can do to get help???

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