Choosing a Poly B Contractor

When choosing a Poly B plumbing contractor it is good to first understand the process in which they must go through to re-mediate Poly B piping from your home. In almost all cases the contractor will have to get at the pipes that are throughout the floor and walls and replace them with a different material of pipe that will not have the same problems that Poly B has.

Although most contractors will keep your home as clean as possible it is inevitable that there will be dust throughout your home during the process. Professional Poly B contractors will protect your furniture with covers and do a thorough cleaning of your home upon completion. These companies will also replace all drywall and include all other trades needed to complete the job properly.


Warning: Don’t hire a Poly B Contractor that Sub-contracts their work!

By this point in time nearly everyone knows that polybutylene plumbing is some seriously bad stuff. Mostly everyone with poly b is looking to have the piping replaced. Everyone knows this is a big plumbing job, what most people don’t realize is that the plumbing is only about 50% of the job, Drywall/mudding/painting/texturing is almost on par for service work with plumbing when it comes to poly b replacement.

In most houses there are between 14-25 holes are cut in the walls and the ceiling. These are not simple repairs but technically challenging repairs, IE; Trying to blend a 2ft x 2ft hole in living room or kitchen wall is not an easy task and requires experience, you have to make sure it is perfect or else you will always see the section that was cut. This is also true with ceilings, even most ceiling texture companies cant blend holes made in the ceiling, which will force the customer to have the whole ceiling scraped and re-textured.

With so much of the job riding on the repair of the drywall. Its imperative that the company you choose to have your poly b replacement with has a dedicated person or team of people on staff to not only make the repair process go quick and smoothly, but also keep the costs within budget.

A poly b replacement company that subcontracts because they are without their own dedicated drywall division could spell disaster in more than a couple ways. Here is what we have found.

Sub-contracting Warning 1) Improper quoting / no control of the price.

When a plumber comes and quotes a poly b replacement, they account for what they think is a set number of holes that they believe they will need to cut. This amount of holes though could change at a moments notice when the work actually commences. This will lead to substantially higher price to repair the drywall, which the homeowner might not be aware of before the work is complete and they receive the bill.

Sub-contracting Warning 2) No shows / and keeping to a time line.

If the company you choose doesn’t have their own drywall division, and they subcontract a professional drywall company to do the work, you are at the mercy of your job being complete when they feel like it, they will schedule you in with there other jobs instead of giving the job at hand their undivided attention. Also drywall companies don’t like taking on patch repair jobs like poly b replacement because they are simply not big enough to be sustainable to a company, the only reason they would take it on is to fill time slots. That being said, if that big office building contract shows up you can bet that they will just walk away from your property.

Sub-contracting Warning #3) Accountability.

If your poly b replacement company subcontracts out the drywall and there is accident in the house where something is damaged, who does the homeowner go after for compensation.

Sub-contracting Warning #4) Payment.

If you pay the plumbing company buy they don’t pay their subs, the subcontractors could come after the home owner with a builders lien or a caveat.

Sub-contracting Warning #5) Warranty.

If the plumbing company subcontracts the drywall company, and the homeowner has a issue with the work that was completed, whom upholds the warranty?

For these reasons alone we strongly recommend against hiring a company that subcontracts. With zero control of the price, the timeline, the warranty or accountability would be reasons enough to steer away from subcontracted individuals.

Urban Piping Ltd is the only company that we know that does not sub contract their work and has dedicated poly b replacement teams specifically for this service.


Will a Poly B Contractor let me live in my House During Poly B Replacement?

In almost all cases if a Poly B contractor says you can, you are in for disappointment. These jobs are a big undertaking and extremely destructive, your house should be covered from top to bottom in layers of plastic, all drawers should be sealed off, all flooring should be covered. All this protection comes at the price of making the house very uninhabitable. On top of all that plastic, when the tradesman are working on the drywall things can get extremely dusty, this very fine drywall dust is extremely hard on the lungs, and can also be extremely harmful on small animals, children and the elderly.  

We recommending using a contractor that is upfront and honest about the work at hand and not a contractor that tries to sugarcoat the project and put their customers in harms way.

How long will a Poly B Contractor take to complete the Poly B Replacement?

A typical Poly B re-mediation jobs take about a 2-3 business days to complete the re-piping of the home and another 7-8 days to repair and complete the drywall process.

If you are in need of assistance with a Poly B leak or re-mediation work, we recommend contacting Urban Piping Ltd. Urban Piping has an experienced Poly B Replacement division serving the public and taking care of cases where a claim or reimbursement is not an option. They service Calgary, Edmonton, Burnaby and everywhere in between, and are equipped to deal with every Poly B piping issue commercial or residential.


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