Myths about Poly B Piping

Posted: January 28, 2014

Myth: Only systems with plastic fittings have problems:

This is just simply not the case, Calgary and Canada wide plumbing systems with metal fitting have been known to fail as well. Plastic systems have a higher failure rate because there are more components that can fail. Both metal fittings and manifold type systems can contain poly b and use plastic valves, all of which are subject to failure.

Myth: Replacing poly b will destroy my home:

Although replacing poly b can be a very comprehensive job, experienced plumbers with the ability to re-pipe an entire home are educated in minimizing the re-mediation process and have the experienced workers to get your home into the exact same condition it was before. Minus the poly b piping of course. Services that come with a poly b re-mediation can include drywall and painting and the repair process is much less expensive than the potential leak damages that have been caused.

Myth: Leaking poly b pipes are inexpensive to fix:

In our experience, there have been homes in which a poly b failure has resulted in upwards of $100,000 in damage. When it comes to poly b failures, about 80 percent of homes end up with structural damage. This would mean that you would have to replace some drywall or sections of the roof in your home depending on where the leak comes from. Not only do you have to worry about damages to your home but also in cases where a severe leak is triggered, the contents of your home will also suffer the consequences.

Myth: Insurance companies will cover poly b replacement costs:

Years ago there were scenarios where insurance companies would cover the cost of re-piping a home or fixing a leak but now, because the problem has been around for so long many insurance companies now charge a person a higher insurance rate if poly b is in your home and in many cases refuse to renew your policy. I suggest checking your home for poly b and checking with your insurance company to see what their policy is. Most likely you are better off replacing the pipes and savings yourself the financial headaches that could come from an incident.