Choosing a Poly B Contractor

When choosing a Poly B contractor it is good to first understand the process in which they must go through to re-mediate Poly B piping from your home. In almost all cases the contractor will have to get at the pipes that are throughout the floor and walls and replace them with a different material of pipe that will not have the same problems that Poly B has. Although most contractors will keep your home as clean as possible it is enevatable that there will be dust throughout your home during the process. Professional Poly B contractors will protect your furniture with covers and do a thorough cleaning of your home upon completion. These companies will also replace all drywall and include all other trades needed to complete the job properly.

Can I Live in my House During Poly B Re-mediation?

In almost all cases, the answer is yes. During the day however you will not be able to use water sources in your home and everything will be turned off but most companies at the end of the day will turn one bathroom and kitchen sink on that can be used until they return. Typical Poly B re-mediation jobs take about a week to complete the re-piping of the home and another 2 weeks to repair and complete the drywall process.

If you are in need of assistance with a Poly B leak or re-mediation work, we recommend contacting Urban Piping Ltd. Urban Piping has an experienced Poly B Re-mediation division serving the public and taking care of cases where a claim or reimbursement is not an option. They service Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding area and deal with every Poly B piping issue commercial or residential.


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